Vision Katleho Foundation Strikes Again At Newgate College of Education in Parktown, Johannesburg

You are Invited to share in the experience as our friends in Media, Sport, Entertainment, Property Development, I.T, Fashion, Business, Education and Government - all of whom are assisting with the day.

The event will have publicity coverage from a local news paper, a national magazine and the national broadcaster so you're welcome to bring some branded articles (should you be donating as corporate/company representative) or your own business as one of our appreciated donors.

The events of the day are set to start at 11am. We'd love for you to please come around this time, 11am, with hopes of wrapping up by 3pm.

Thank you again for the generous donation, we know it will be greatly appreciated by the children.

Please feel free to revert back via mail or telephone should you need further clarity about anything concerning the day.

The Investigative Team at Vision Katleho Foundation have earmarked the Newgate College of Education in Parktown, Johannesburg as their next beneficiary. Tears were shed upon visiting the school. Duma Sandile-Mboni Chairman of the Foundation, Sylvia Kgoadi, MD and Founder of the Foundation were moved by the appalling conditions that they witnessed first-hand.

After their successful event on this year's Mandela Day where they donated shoes and jerseys to a less privileged primary school in Tshepisong, JHB West and the event was broadcast on SABC 1 and on Dstv.

Subsequently, Vision Katleho Foundation have secured a venue and fixed the 29th November to hold their Event/Fundraising campaign for the Newgate College of Education which will also be broadcast on Kids News on SABC TV. The reason for the urgency is because the students finish writing on the 28th November and the Foundation yearns to bring some relief and comfort to their disadvantaged students.

Vision Katleho Foundation and their Team will converge on the school to assist to the best of their ability. Newgate Educational College accommodates learners from grade 8 to 12. Most of these learners hail from Alexandra, Hillbrow, Soweto and Yeoville and the majority of students are from poor families and child-headed households. The situation at the school is so bad that they use shacks as classes and at times, teachers don't get remunerated for months on end, just to mention a few of the school's challenges. SABC will be on the spot to broadcast this event on Live TV.

Thus far, they have managed to collect 120 much needed sanitary pads for the 100 girls. We hereby request any assistance from your esteemed organization with EITHER:

PA System

Catering (For Lunch) approximately 120 heads

Gift Bags (Deodorants, soaps, toothbrushes, gifts, and such likes)

Support (Any kind of support including financial)

However, any form of assistance will be greatly appreciated! You are welcome to bring your promotional material on the day and we will grant you an opportunity of an interview with SABC TV.

With increased educational opportunities and recognition that their voices count, girls and young women have more opportunity than ever to be problem solvers and contribute to building a more sustainable and safe world for everybody. But girls and young women still face many challenges related to gender and often have to reconcile their own dreams with expectations of what they "should be". Some of these challenges are sometimes as a result of "what happens at home" which turns to make them feel worthless, defeated and demotivated throughout their lives or also leaving a permanent scar of failure in them.

Conversing With A Girl Child summit will be an annual summit where we gather girls from various disadvantaged high schools to converse with them about major challenges they are faced with from home, school to the streets and come up with solutions for and with them as they will be part of the conversation throughout the conference.

The objective of this event:

To share their powerful story and journey

To empower

To motivate

To give hope

To build confidence and self awareness

To impart skills, experience and knowledge

In good times and bad, we know that people give because you meet needs, not because you have needs. - Kay Sprinkel Grace

Sylvia Kgoadi, Founder and Managing Director of Katleho Foundation says " We don't work in the non-profit sector, we work in the "for-change" sector! We look forward to your much anticipated support in joining our mission to making a difference in the lives of people wherever we go".

About The Vision Katleho Foundation:

The mission of the foundation is to assist disadvantaged youth and children in various communities by providing skills, mentorship, leadership, academic and social developmental support. We recognise the multiple challenges facing less privileged children and aim to support their future prospects. Our vision is to create a socially and economically empowered foundation for the youth in our communities and as far as possible as we can reach.

Our mission is to ensure that all projects and services are executed with the highest quality and within agreed-upon scope, time and cost parameters.

Contact Information:

Sylvia Kgoadi : +27 83 361 0528

Members of The Vision Katleho Foundation

SYLVIA KGOADI - Founder & Managing Director | DUMA-SANDILE MBONI - Chairperson

PHILANI EUGENE NGCOBO - Communication Specialist | PRIYA PILLAY - Project Organiser & Secretary | FEMI KOYA - Project Manager

THABO KEKANA - Creative Director | DONALD PILLAI - Marketing Manager/Specialist