Water Pump Replacement Cost

A water pump plays a pivotal role in the car engine's coolant mechanism. Usually, the pump needs a replacement after about 100,000 miles of running. In the event of a pump failure, the engine heats up, becoming increasingly prone to a breakdown. In case the water pump is not working, it's prudent to replace it at the earliest. The average replacement cost is $300. A detailed cost analysis is presented further.

Replacement Procedure: Overview

Cost being a function of the work involved in fixing a car problem, a summary of the procedure will be helpful. The replacement begins with draining of the coolant fluid. The multiple rib drive belt or timing belt is removed. Many devices that obstruct access to the water pump like fastening bolts need to be removed. Once access to the water pump is possible, its mounting bolts are removed and the water pump itself is removed, along with the gasket that fixes it to the engine block. Then the new water pump is fixed in place and all the rest of the devices are fixed back again in reverse order. The engine coolant is refilled and coolant system is checked through operation. That concludes the replacement procedure. A cost estimate of the entire procedure is provided in the following lines.

Water Pump Replacement Cost Breakdown

A major factor involved in the replacement cost is labor cost. The time required to process the entire job is about three and a half hours. Moreover, parts that need to be replaced, in addition to the pump - like timing belt, camshaft seals, belt tensioner, coolant and fan belts add to the total. The overall cost of replacement will vary according to the car model. The pump itself will cost $50 to more than $200. If you consider all the expenses listed, inclusive of labor cost, average replacement cost of a water pump will be roughly around $300. However, in general, it may vary, from as low as $150 to more than $600, depending on the car model, location, amount of work involved and labor charges incurred.

Replacement Cost Estimate: $150 to $600+

Average Cost: $300

Inclusive Of: Water Pump, Coolant, Timing Belt (optional), Labor Charges

Water Pump Cost: $50 - $200+

Labor Cost: $100 to $400+

How Does a Car Water Pump Work?

A water pump is made up of main housing body, main shaft, impeller, bearings, flange, seals and a gasket, which affixes it to the engine block. The water pump is also responsible for cooling the heating mechanism of your car, which keeps you warm in winter. That operation is impaired, if the water pump stops working. If a failing water pump is not repaired or replaced in time, it can cause major engine damage. So, if you find regular engine heating problems occurring, check out the car water pump and replace it at the earliest. This car problem should not be delayed as it may lead to engine damage.

In case you are curious about role played by water pump in the car assembly, here's a short introduction. When the engine is operational at high RPM (revolutions per minute), it generates immense heat, which only goes on increasing and raising the temperature of the whole system. If a coolant mechanism was not in place, the engine will eventually burn itself out. This necessitates a coolant mechanism, that circulates water around the engine and other heating systems. That's where the water pump comes into the picture.

It's the water pump which facilitates the flow of water around the whole system. The pump itself is driven by the engine with help of a multiple rib belt. It is incessantly operational during the period of engine's operation. Since its working is controlled by engine activity, water flow rate is regulated by engine RPM. A thermostat is involved, which helps in regulating the flow of the coolant, according to the engine temperature. As the engine RPM increases, so does the rate of water flow. That helps in maintaining or lowering engine temperature.

A car is a complex machine and requires regular maintenance for its efficient running. Car repair is a job that must not be delayed, as it may lead to additional complications otherwise. Things like the water pump are especially important, as they are a part of the cooling mechanism of the vehicle.