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We Must Own, Control And disseminate Our Own Propaganda .... Remember, We Are Being Played Here-"Kudlawa Ngathi Lapha/Ho Bapalwa Ka Rona Mona...

Here in Mzantsi, real-politic has taken on a new meaning. The whole thing is that we really do to know why the politics are the way they are. For the past 20+ years of voting, whether local of national, the ANC has been using the same modus operandi. They create a distraction, and maneuver behind the scenes to lock into power by gerrymandering, in a sort of way, the voter's consent, and greasing their approval with hampers, and adding some few Rands into the Mdende, and exploiting the fear people have of DA(Nationalist Party) coming back into power. But, to understand what is going on, we cannot feign ignorance, and we ought to learn what is going on.

Zuma has lied and cheated the poor African people of South Africa. He came onto the Tube to apologize for the wrongs he and his government have perpetrated against the poor, and that he would do better. Meanwhile, the cheerleading ANC claps heartily that Zuma has shown humility and apologized, and the, they, ANC have this whole shindig together. Same shit, and a different time[2016].

The ANC crew has hired expensive PR people who are directing their policy and media utterances. For us, here in Mzantsi to begin to understand and better know what is 'going on,' we are going to have to seriously study what Propaganda is all about, and what it do, and entail. What we do not know will definitely lead us astray. Many of us hardly even understand why we talk the way we do about issues most of us imbibe from the Media Ecology in our country.

Before I get to the crux of the article, it is incumbent upon me to cite this point from Amilcar Cabral:

Always bear in mind that the people are not fighting for ideas, for the things in anyone's head. They are fighting to win material benefits, to live better and in peace, to see their lives go forward, to guarantee the future of their children,

Cabral intones us to do more if we are to throw any oppressor out.

"... Create schools and spread education in all liberated areas. Select young people between 14-20, those who have at least completed their fourth year, for further training. Oppose without violence all prejudicial customs, the negative aspects of the beliefs and traditions of our people. Oblige every responsible and educated member of our Party to work daily for the improvement of their cultural formation.

"Oppose among the young, especially those over 20, the mania forgiving the country so as to study elsewhere, the blind ambition to acquire a degree, the complex of inferiority and the mistaken idea which leads to the belief that those who study or take courses will thereby become privileged in our country tomorrow ... But also oppose any ill will towards those who study or wish to study-the complex that students will be parasites or future saboteurs of the Party.

"Frequent meetings must be held to explain to the population what is happening in the struggle, what the Party is endeavoring to do at any given moment, and what the criminal intentions of the enemy may be.

"Educate ourselves, educate other people, the population in general, to fight fear and ignorance, to eliminate little by little the subjection to nature and natural forces which our economy has not yet mastered.

"[We must demand] of our people that they dedicate themselves seriously to study, that they interest themselves in the things and problems of our daily life and struggle in their fundamental and essential aspect, and not simply in their appearance.

"... Learn from life, learn from our people, learn from books, learn from the experience of others. Never stop learning."

We have stopped learning here in Mzantsi. We strive to take short-cuts towards learning and earning a quick quid."

Cabral adds that people myst be responsible, be conscious of their responsibilities, thoughtful about carrying them out, and with a comradeship based on work and duty done ... Nothing of this is incompatible with the joy of living, or withhold for life and its amusements, or with confidence in the future and in our work ....

"Reinforce political work and 'Propaganda' within the emery's armed forced. Write posters, pamphlets, letters. Draw slogans on the roads. Establish cautious links with enemy personnel who want to contact us. Act audaciously and with great initiative in this way. ... Do everything possible to help enemy soldiers to desert. Carry out political work among Africans who are still in the enemy service, whether civilian or military.

Persuade these brothers to change direction so as to serve the Party within enemy ranks or desert with arms and ammunition to our units.

"We must practice revolutionary 'Democracy' in every aspect of our Party life. Every responsible member must have the courage of his responsibilities, exacting from others a proper respect fro his work and properly respecting the work of others.

"Hide nothing from the masses of our people. Tell no lies. Expose lies whenever they are told. Mask no difficulties, mistakes, failures. Claim no easy victories."

So that, when we speak of Propaganda, then, It is very important for me to cite the Guru of Media Ecology on this subject of Propaganda: we going to have to learn it very seriously, and I will be delivering my impression about Propaganda. According to Ellul:

"Only in the Technological Society can there be anything of the type and order of magnitude of modern propaganda, which is with us forever.

"Most people are easy prey for propaganda because of their firm conviction that it is composed only of 'lies' and 'tall tale,' and that, conversely, what is 'truth' cannot be propaganda.

"But modern propaganda has long disdained the ridiculous lies of the past and outmoded forms of propaganda. It operates instead with many different kinds of truth, half truths,limited truth, truth out of context. Even Goebbels always insisted that Wehrmacht communiques be as accurate as possible.

"A second basic misconception that makes people vulnerable to propaganda is the notion that it serves only to change opinions. That is one of its aims, but a limited, subordinate one. Much more importantly, it aims to intensify existing trends, to sharpen and focus them, and, to lead men to action."

According to Ellul:

"Modern propaganda cannot work without 'education'; Education is not the best prophylactic against propaganda. Education or what usually goes by that world in the modern world, is the absolute prerequisite for propaganda. In fact, education is largely identical with what can be called "pre-propaganda -- the conditioning of minds with vast amounts of incoherent information, already dispensed for ulterior purposes and posing as 'facts' and as 'education.'

Intellectuals are virtually the most vulnerable of all to modern --:

1. They absorb the largest amount of secondhand, unverifiable information;

2. They feel a compelling need to have an opinion on every important question of our time, and thus easily succumb to opinions offered to them by propaganda on all such indigestible pieces of information;

3. They consider themselves capable of judging for themselves'.

They literally need propaganda.

"Propaganda then hands them in veritable abundance what he needs: a 'raison d'tre,' and without tis intense collaboration by the propaganda, the propagandist would be helpless.

... Propaganda of action presupposes positive incitement; propaganda through "Mass Media" will generally be contrasted incitement. Similarly, on the level of the performer in direct contact with the crowd, there must be positive incitement.

On the level of the organizer, that of propaganda strategy, there must be separation from the public. So that then Propaganda must be total

Total Propaganda:

"Propaganda must be continuous and lasting-continuous in that it must not leave any gaps, but fill the citizen's whole day and all his days; lasting in that it must function over a very long time.

The famous principle of repetition, which is not in itself significant, plays a part only in this situation. Hitler was undoubtedly right when he said that the masses take a long time to understand and remember, thus it is necessary to repeat; but the emphasis must be placed on "A long Time": the public must be conditioned accept claims that are made.

"In any case, repetition must be discontinued when the public has been conditioned, for at that point, repetition will begin to irritate and provoke fresh doubts with respect to former certainties.

"Propaganda tends to make the individual live in a separate world; 'He Must Not Have Outside Points Of Reference.'

"He must not be allowed a moment of 'meditation' or 'reflection' in which to see himself vis-a-vis the propagandists, as happens when the propaganda is not continuous. At that moment, the individual emerges from the grip of propaganda.

"Instead, successful propaganda will occupy every moment of the individual's life: through posters and loudspeakers when he is out walking, through radio and newspapers at home, through meetings and movies(TV/Internet) in the evening.

"The individual must not be allowed to recover, to collect himself, to remain untouched by propaganda during any relatively long period, for propaganda is not the touch of the magic wand.

"It is based on slow, constant impregnation. It creates convictions and compliance, through imperceptible influences that are effective by continuous repetition.

It must create a complete environment for the individual, one from which he never emerges.

"And Prevent Him From Finding External Points Of Reference."

"[Propaganda] protects him by censoring everything that might come in from the outside. The slow building up of reflexes and myths, of psychological environment and prejudices, requires propaganda of very long duration.

"Propaganda is not a stimulus that disappears quickly; it consists of successive impulses and shocks aimed at various feelings or thoughts by means of the many instruments previously mentioned[Media Ecology], above.

"A relay system is thus established. Propaganda is a continuous action, without failure or interruption: as soon as the effect of one impulse weakened, it is renewed by another. At no point does it fail to subject it recipient to its influence. As soon as one effect wears off, it is followed by a new shock.

I think I have culled enough from Ellul, and would like to bring back the theme of article. This is about how and why we in Mzantsi cannot fathom our 'real-politic' and its other related matters. We endow those we call 'Towers'[Taken from Face Book interlocutions], and those intellectuals, so adorned with such titles because they were edumacated overseas and by the present South African Educational system. Our country of South Africa is a johnny-come-latelies in the media world and technological advances that have taken place in the 70s and 80s.

As stated by Cabral above, the need for us to learn much more seriously and concretely is of prime importance here. We cannot wing our way in ruling a Nation. We still have to come to terms with the Notion, Consciousness and Understanding/Knowing our Schtick.

This is what ASA has to say about the same point made by Cabral above regarding learning and knowing our people and designing our own education:

Asa teaches us that:

"The lasting challenge that we face is the absence of information and understanding of African Culture. This has been by design. The enforcers of an oppressive system work to create cultural disorder among the oppressed.

"In particular, they suppress the value of other cultures while glorifying and fabricating the history of themselves. They understand that the resulting disorder will make it impossible for the oppressed to be truly independent."

He are some musings by Fanon:

"The unilaterally decreed normative value of certain cultures deserves our careful attention ... The enterprise of deculturation turns out to be the negative of a more gigantic work of economic, and even biological enslavement...

The doctrine of cultural hierarchy is thus but one aspect of a systematized hierarchization impeccably pursued.

"For its systems of reference have to be Broken. Expropriation, Spoliation, Raids, Objective Murder, are matched by the sacking of cultural patterns, or at least, condition such sacking. The Social Panorama is Destructed; Values are Flaunted, Crushed and Emptied.

"The lines of force, having crumbled, no longer give direction. In their stead, a new system of Values is Imposed, not Proposed, but affirmed, by the heavy weight of cannons and sabers.

"... This culture, once living and open to the future, becomes closed, fixed in the colonial status, caught in the yoke of oppression. Both present and mummified, it testifies against its own members. It defines them, in fact, without appeal.

"The cultural mummification leads to a mummification of individual thinking. The apathy so universally noted among colonial peoples, is but a logical consequence of this operation. Their approach of inertia constantly directed at the natAfricans is utterly dishonest.

"As though it were possible for a man to evolve otherwise than within the framework of a culture that recognizes him and that he decides to assume.

"Thus, we witness the setting up of archaic inert institutions. Functioning under the oppressors supervision and patterned like a caricature of formerly fertile [African] institutions.

It is important to pay much more close attention to what Asa has to say below:

"A Core part of our mission today is to 'study' and 'transfer' the valuable information about our cultural traditions to our people This will serve, in part, to reconnect many Africans who are far removed from our Ancient and Traditional Intergenerational Cultural Transmission Practices.

"Traditionally, our socialization was under the independent control of knowing and wise African Elders, who were legitimate representatives of the African Community.

"Whilst many people are exposed to all sorts of Propaganda via television, radio, and newspapers, few of us have been exposed to the wisdom of Elders right in our own communities; let alone the wisdom of those who practiced our best traditions.

"We have lost our understanding of the indispensable role that control of socialization parlays in our survival and destiny, and thus, we have failed to ensure proper "Intergenerational Cultural Transmission"

"We have a vital responsibility to our children and to our community for Intergenerational Cultural Transmission. Our survival and our enhancement as a people are dependent upon our embrace of this responsibility and our release of total dependency on European Systems.

"We must mobilize to think and to act to restore this vital function of Intergenerational Cultural Transmission to All of our Communities[In Africa and the Diaspora].

"Although few communities in Africa or the African Diaspora, continue to maintain authentic Traditional Structures for Intergenerational Cultural Transmission today, there are still many sources from which we may recover much of what was left.

All these include, as listed and broken by Asa:

Texts, Biographies, Anthropological Texts

Oral Histories From Elders, Participant observation, and so forth...)

"We must study our African indigenous traditions in order to understand and to evaluate our cultural situation now. Many of us remain African at a deep structural level. A Study of our traditions will reveal that they rival tradition, past or present, and that we have valid options for world view, values, and practices, which are suitable for us today, with appropriate modifications.

We must be assertive in countering denigration and defamation, which charge that African people have no meaningful Traditions to recall.

"We, as a community, must rescue and reconstruct the most viable elements of our powerful African Indigenous Socialization Systems

"European hegemony is established through miseducation and Alien Cultural Socialization. Some oppressed people join with their oppressors to make the European System of Oppression more Efficient, becoming agents in the Oppression of Africans, as was true of some of us during the Slave Trade, who betrayed their own people.

"Africans must meet, study, write, and produce. There is no short cut. We must go back through the Door of no return(Into our ancient Mzantsi history and culture), reconnecting to [and with our] traditions and propelling ourselves forward in a direction of our own choosing. We must reclaim our continent, our cultures, ourselves."

My aim throughout this article to bring to our view those things we can do to upgrade and work to undo the calamity that is engulfing us. Articles such as this one are not posted for anything else but to propagate our own and ways of think about such issues as forms the core of the discourse within the article.

I want to parlay thoughts that address our present condition from multiple level, in a discursive tone and thought, and open mind to add onto, that, it is important for these who will have read thus far, to begin to recognize that there is more to this subject.

When our present leaders here in Mzantsi try to sell us the propaganda that they are united and working on fixing things, some of us wonder as to how long will this farce be kept up. On hand are the more destructive forces annihilating our people and us along, without care in the world. What am I talking about?

We have been sold the propaganda of supporting a once-was-liberation-movement, which has lied and betrayed the Poor African Masses to whit! For the pst twenty-plus(20+) years of ANC rule, the percentage of poor and dying masses has increased, and our youth is being definitely wiped-out-I am talking Nyaope, here. Many of those with access to the Public loot, do not give a rat's ass about the poor armies of the poor here in our country. Our leaders are so greedy, that their recollections function when it's time to vote for them, so that they can carry on business as usual.

This is a very pernicious form of Propaganda for it implants itself, using all sorts of media and mediums, to condition our ailing masses, defocusing them other hunger, joblessness, sickness, and wretched life that they exists, and concentrate of tired scandals and pretend to the people that they are doing something about Corruption... In the Meanwhile, they go deeper into many deals with their IMF, World Bank, GATT and South African Reserve Bank White Bosses - kow towing to their commands and will.

When we see Zuma 'acting' the apology part, and the ANC behind the scenes clapping for him as being humble-while they are fretting about the registrations by people to vote, the picture is not so clear, for real. Anytime the ANC, through our the two decades-their kind of rule is to come with empty policies, it simply means they have some unfinished business that will never get finished, anyway.

Critiquing the ANC and telling it like it is, to the readers, it is incumbent on some of us to begin to have more outside and authentic references from the daily bile that is our new consumption here in Mzantsi. As we say amongst our under-attack self with sad tone -- "We Are Being Played, Here"

It is this collective murmurings that should also be the subject of our educating ourselves. We are being played for we use the selfsame talking points provided for us by our PR masters. We should also remember that very same PR professionals advising our government, have been doing this for many centuries in England and US. So that, what some of us regurgitate as being erudite concerning matters of the lives and well-being of our people, we need to rethink what we are doing.

Ignorance is not excuse here, articles such as this one are written with the 'truth' in mind. We are in the same game being played on us, but what we are saying is that this medium should work for us, by u and achieve those minimal goals of procuring and securing our culture, history, education, people, families and Nation of Mzantsi.

The information that one cites in such articles is to help put in a cogent fashion information we should know and work on holding onto. Reading takes time, but we do have time, I guess then some will say it's a matter of priorities-to which I answer-Are those for the benefit and development of our peoples?

Wilson elucidates:

Consequently, those of us who are in the so-called helping-professions and in the business of diagnosing other people's behavior must recognize the degree to which we are part of the respite mechanism of that system ... he Black/African must examine itself and see to what degree it has contributed to its own 'madness,' 'demise,' 'oppression' and 'powerlessness.'

"We must look at the assimilationist leadership that we have permitted to represent us in this world today. We must look at the kind of leadership that always has had its face turned outward, towards the White man, and neglected the education of the re-socialization of our people; a leadership who has spent its energies trying to convert the White man, instead of, in part, using that energy for converting ourselves as a people. For we are not only the creation of the European - We in part, have helped to create the European.

Lastly, I would like to cite Wilson below:

"There are a number of means by which we seek to resolve certain contradictions in our lives. We may excuse them by saying that the circumstances which have determined our lives, particularly the failures in our lives, are beyond our control. That it is other peoples who are totally responsible for the situation that we are in, and therefore we have no control over it."

When it comes to understanding ourselves, I will briefly cite Wilson's take on these matters:

[Self-dislike impacts our lives and existence broadly and deeply] So that when the experience of failure and the experience of not achieving in society not only becomes and individual experience; it becomes a social experience and a social disease.

"Therefore, the philosophy and the ideology of individualism is not an ideology that attacks the individual. It is an ideology that attacks the whole community. It is a part of a community over another; to maintain the dominance of the Eurocentric community over the African community.

The individual who accepts the ideology of individualism, and sees his failure to achieve as the result of some deficiency in his personality, and thinks that opportunities exist and that if he merely had the right personality he could make the best of these opportunities, when the achievement does not occur, is faced with a major contradiction.

"He is faced with what we call a 'sense of cognitive dissonance'. That certain things do not jibe. Dissonance, contradictions and conflicts are painful and are had to bear. They make life discomforting, and hence motivate the individual to seek to resolve the contradictions -- to try and move these contradictions and to put them out of existence.

"While this to a degree is true, it also can lead to some other psychological problems in the individual. It can lead to the possibility that the individual become apathetic; gives up and resigns from life, gives up trying and begins to believe that h or she is powerless.

"Unfortunately, the resignation and the apathy of too many of our people are part of the means which the system maintains itself. The fear of trusting and uniting with each other. The fear of coming together and solving our problems together, the belief that it is just not in us to unite and solve our problems, and overcome the dominance of European Imperialism itself, becomes a part of the problem and helps to maintain the system.

"Others try to deal with the discrepancy between what the system says they can achieve and our failure to achieve by lowering their personal aspirations, by, in a sense, fitting into a lesser pace that the society reserves for them. Others try to inflate their achievements, to inflate their personalities.

"We see many of us along the highways and byways being very boastful, being very 'egocentric,' bragging a great deal, pumping ourselves up, pumping even small achievements up into giant achievements.

We see it en infecting the Black Nationalism community that buries itself in the great history of Egypt and the great empires of Africa. Yes, I am speaking of the kind of historicism that has developed in this community as a means of confronting reality!

"Of people who live their lives in history, and dig among the Pyramids of Egypt, and dig among the lost Kingdoms of Mali and Songhai, and who build themselves a false pride, and pump themselves up about the achievements of our History - without facing the perils of [our] current reality and preparing themselves for the future.

"The Black Nationalist who make us feel good -- and pumps us up; and make us gloat and glow about our great past, and does not deal with the present; and does not educate in terms of coping with the future; and does not adequately prepare us to remove the European from power, to remove these insane people who are about to destroy the earth and life itself -- is functioning in the interest of the status quo.

"And those people who holler about the devilishness of the White man, the evilness of the White man, and leave it at that, and they still are not necessarily performing a full service for our people. There must be other things involved. We see then, many individuals blowing up their minor accomplishments as a means of ignoring the realities of their situation.

"We must recognize that many Africans have a stake in ensuring the continuation of the failure of large segments of its African population. We must recognize that contradiction in this society is of major importance in determining the problems of our communities.

"That it is the people without love who talk about love most often. It is the people who are ready to go to war, and have gone to war and destroyed hundreds of thousands, who talk about peace.

"It is the people who destroy our children's mind in schools[With Nyaope swirling within our society], who talk a great deal about education. And we will see these kinds of contradictions going on and on repeatedly. We will see even in the very legal structure of the system its contradictions which conspire to destroy those who are not a part of the ruling class or group."

All the people above that I have cited, show and talk to us about how we are being conditioned through all forms of means, ways and tricks, just so that we never get to think outside the box for ourselves.

What we read, research and write, should reflect for us and to us our present reality, and we should be able to learn how to begin to deal with our decrepit and wretched realities. There is really no alternative or round-about-short-cut-way about these crucial matters and our present social miasma.

Thank you for reading up to so far, in the Age of the splurging Web, few even bother to go into reading such articles. My aim, as a keeper of the record regarding the poor people, globally, I will always endeavor to write articles utilizing the Masters I use, and injecting my two-cents ever so often. This should help start the movement towards us diagnosing our selves, our people, our Nation.This is key, and we should be working assiduously towards achieving those noble and liberating ends. Unleashing And Unlocking Our Peoples genius, energy and Power...