StrucSoft Solutions, Montreal, QC, Canada, has launched MWF Professional, a significant new upgrade DSTV Installation in Johannesburg of its metal and wood framing

solution for Autodesk Revit Architecture 2010 and Revit Structure 2010.

MWF is a template-driven extension to Revit that streamlines design,

shop floor drawing production, and manufacture of light gauge metal and

wood framing.

"MWF Professional pushes the limit of framing automation in

the Revit environment and provides framing designers, engineers,

builders, contractors and fabricators with the tools required take on

serious metal or wood framing projects," commented Amir Masood, VP

of marketing and business development at Strucsoft Solutions.

Among its many new features and capabilities MWF Professional

includes the following:

- Design on-the-fly within Revit Structure: new Bi-directional

interface with Woodworks sizer, allows Revit users to design any wood

member without leaving the Revit Structural environment.

- Comprehensive library of Simpson Strong-Tie connectors: also

includes intelligent placement tools that choose the optimum connectors

based on end reactions as well as the properties of the supporting and

connecting members.

- Wall-frame-to-wall-frame joint creation interface: Users can

define framing at the intersection point of multiple walls, and then

automatically apply the same framing joint definition everywhere the

same conditions apply.

- Automated framing of floor and roof openings

- MEP clash detection with automatic opening and framing creation:

MWF performs automatic verification of clashes between any number of

walls against any combination of MEP objects -- structural members as

well as generic Revit families. This unique features also has the

capability to resolve clashes by automatically creating openings where

required, and framing the opening all based on user defined rules.

Another significant feature of this clash engine is that it checks

across linked models.

Other new features of MWF Professional include the following:

* Ability to define framing conditions for any size and type of

opening with User-defined rules that supplement wall templates;

* Panel vertical and horizontal breakup markers;

* Multiple Stud arrangements and propagation methods.

Pricing and Availability

Software is available now. For pricing information call


About Strucsoft Solutions

Strucsoft Solutions develops markets and supports Revit-based

structural design & manufacturing software solutions for the BIM environment. Founded in 2008 the privately-held company began as a

spin-off of Strucsoft Inc., a veteran value-added developer of plant and

structural software solutions for 15 years.

Currently Strucsoft Solutions has two product lines - MWF, a light

gauge steel and wood framing solution for Autodesk Revit; and CMS, a

CAD/CAM application dedicated to creating, editing and managing DSTV-NC

files. CMS is available stand alone or as an add-on for Autodesk

Inventor, Solidworks as well as MBS. Strucsoft Solutions is

headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

For more information, visit or

call 514/731-0008, ext. 21.